Working with Indigenous Communities is our Priority

Montem recognizes our operations transect the traditional territories of many First Nations and Metis’ groups. Montem welcomes feedback, asks for input, and will listen to the concerns of the Indigenous peoples who may be impacted by our activities. Montem respects the values and rights of Indigenous peoples everywhere and is guided by UNDRIP and TRC through all our actions, in all we do.

Our Commitment to Working with Indigenous Communities

We will strive to exceed the minimum standards required under any regulatory regime. This is because working with indigenous communities, including Treaty and non-Treaty communities, is important to us.

Our aim is to address concerns raised by indigenous communities. To do this, we have adopted the following principles to guide the way we work:


Recognize the importance of collaboration with Indigenous communities to identify and respond to their issues and concerns.


Respect concerns and issues expressed by Indigenous communities and, where possible, incorporate and/or address them within a project design or regulatory process. This could include mitigation, monitoring and reclamation activities.


Acknowledge and respect the Treaty and Constitutional Rights of Indigenous peoples.


Respect the unique history, diverse culture, values, and beliefs of Indigenous peoples.


Acknowledge the need to pursue meaningful and respectful consultation with Indigenous communities.