Committed to Minimizing our Environmental Impact

Our priority is to minimize potential impacts from our operations on the local environment. That is why we have made best practice environmental management and protection procedures a standard part of our daily activities across our operations and our business.

As part of the effort to re-start mining operations at Tent Mountain, environmental studies and monitoring have been ongoing since 2017. Baseline studies provide a thorough understanding of the existing environmental conditions of the project site and surrounding area.

As we advance the Tent Mountain Renewable Energy Complex (TM-REX), we will leverage the existing environmental studies and monitoring completed for the Tent Mountain Mine Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to fast track the regulatory process to transition Tent Mountain from a steelmaking coal mine to a renewable energy complex.

Existing studies and monitoring include air quality, noise assessments, surface and groundwater assessments, local vegetation mapping, wildlife studies (including fish and land animals), soils testing and land resource studies.

Minimizing our Footprint

Existing infrastructure left behind from historical mining operations is helping shape the current design of the TM-REX. The Pumped Hydro Energy Storage component of the TM-REX will re-purpose existing infrastructure at Tent Mountain, which includes large water reservoirs on land owned by Montem.

The TM-REX will not be visible from Coleman. Where possible, infrastructure and operations will be shielded and away from the community.