Tent Mountain Renewable Energy Complex (TM-REX)

The Tent Mountain Renewable Energy Complex (TM-REX) is located in southwest Alberta, Canada. The planned development for the TM-REX includes three primary elements:

320 MW / 4,800 MWh Pumped Hydro Energy Storage (PHES)
100 MW Offsite Green Hydrogen Electrolyser
100 MW Offsite Wind Farm

The TM-REX leverages Montem’s existing assets at Tent Mountain, which include a large water reservoir on land owned by Montem, left behind from historical mining operations, and easy access to infrastructure, including rail, high voltage power lines, gas pipelines, and the interprovincial Highway 3.

Montem has completed a Pre-Feasibility Study for the PHES element of the TM-REX and development studies for the Green Hydrogen Electrolyser element of the TM-REX, confirming the TM-REX as an outstanding renewable energy project with compelling economics.

The TM-REX will displace up to 590,000 tonnes* of CO2 per year over an 80+ year project life.

*Assumes TM-PHES cycles once per day and is charged with renewable energy.

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